The Portland Night Market is an extremely festive, now-monthly evening event that takes place in the inner Southeast Portland neighborhood, in the industrial district of this city. The next one from the date of this writing will be May 11th and 12th, 4-11 pm. The market is justifiably quite popular, so get there early to avoid the inevitable long lines. Lots of local food vendors to try out, as well as prepared food vendors. You’ll find a variety of desserts, savory foods, crafts drinks.. and they even have an on-site speakeasy so that you can grab a unique cocktail. Also many hand crafted creations for the home, and imaginative artistic treasures.

They draw a big crowd, the feeling of bustling through the throngs of people is so festive and there is a strong sense of community, and friendly spirit of Portland. At the very least, the market makes for great people watching. It feels like the entire community comes out for this event, so you’ll notice the crowd is diverse in both age and background. I liked seeing so many multi-generational families come out, and since there is literally something there for everyone, you don’t have to worry that your entire group won’t get something from attending. 

Since the Portland Night Market spans a period of a few days, and attendance is free, you can think on purchasing something unique that you are hemming and hawing about purchasing, and just go back the next day to grab that gem! Or walk around and take in the entire market visiting all the vendor’s booths before settling on a purchase. No pressure, the festive atmosphere is conducive to a relaxed environment. Hope you enjoy, and if you go, please let us know what you thought of it, in the comments section here. Happy Night-Marketing!