neurontin 1100 mg daily LILLY’S BLACK BEAN HUMMUS

A perfectly balanced 50/50 mix of organic black beans, and organic chickpeas, all kettle-cooked to perfection the traditional way, in our Portland, Oregon dedicated hummus facility.

seroquel 150 mg This is Lilly’s personal favorite hummus flavor: Fresh roasted jalapenos, roasted red bell peppers, and smoked tomatoes are blended together to produce the liveliest of festive bean dipping flavors! We think you’ll enjoy this one straight out of the container. Dips well with tortilla chips, and plantain chips. Spread onto tortillas for sandwich roll-ups. Bring to a party. Win friends and influence people with it’s subtle roasty flavor..

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Non-gmo, vegan, kosher, gluten-free, real olive oil, kettle cooked, organic beans
Lilly's Black Bean Hummus

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