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follow url In 2003 co-founder Lilly Miscoe whipped up a batch of hummus for a dinner party, with jalapeños and red bell peppers her husband Michael had just roasted over his invention; hazelnut-shell briquettes (non-wood, non-charcoal, petroleum free, and nut-meat free, whoo! that’s a lot of free’s!) The savory, roasted flavor of that first batch of hummus became such a favorite with Lilly’s friends and family, that she and Michael, began selling her hummus at the Portland Farmer’s Market.  When farmer’s market customers lined up for it, and became grumpy when she sold out, she knew she had a hit!

Portland, Oregon grocery stores began stocking Lilly’s hummus, and the demand for this plant-based bean spread with deeply nuanced flavors and a clean ingredients list, grew to natural foods stores in neighboring regions. Now Lilly’s hummus is available nationwide, and she has expanded her varied hummus flavor offerings to include hummus made with the traditional ingredient – toasted sesame tahini, and to also make hummus flavors without it.

nicotinell comprar xbox Today Lilly’s Hummus is housed in an 80,000 sq ft building situated in a natural setting on an almost 12 acre parcel near Oregon’s Columbia River.

This small acreage along the Columbia River tributary fosters more than one hundred species of birds, including Bald Eagles and Great Blue Heron, twelve native species of fish, western pond turtles, beaver, muskrat, river otter, and black-tailed deer.

Long ago it was decided that Lilly’s Hummus would be made with organic, kettle-cooked beans, and never canned or pre-packaged beans. This reduces waste caused by pre-processed bean packaging, and also produces a much more fresh, appetizing, and nourishing hummus! The Lilly’s facility fully recycles materials used in the production of hummus, and composts food waste as well. Overflow product is donated regularly to the Oregon Food Bank, which provides foods to hungry Oregonian individuals and families. Our focus on sustainability is as strong as our commitment to workplace safety, for our production crew and staff.

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All-natural ingredients like fresh, hand-roasted veggies, organic beans and real olive oil make Lilly’s Hummus the perfect full-flavor, gluten-free, non-GMO, kosher snack. And we never use preservatives or artificial ingredients – just real ingredients for real hummus. 

Lilly Miscoe, co-founder of Lilly's Hummus
Lilly's Hummus acreage in Portland, Oregon
Lilly's Hummus

Oregon Harvest, llc

9348 N. Peninsular Ave.
Portland, OR 97217

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