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Lilly has put together some of her most favorite recipes for serving, and cooking with hummus. Peruse her categories of hummus recipes; Vegan, For Kids, and Omnivores. She’s got something for everyone, because although Lilly’s Hummus is a nourishing, plant-based dip, it’s so flavorful that her hummus can be cooked with and included in so many meals. With her new grab n’ go sizes, hummus made fast and easy for lunches is now possible. Lilly has begun packaging her famous, clean ingredients hummus with delicious, multi-grain gluten-free crackers! They’re the perfectly portioned size for quick lunches, and mid-day snacks. Amazingly filling, and nourishing for your busy life!

Click on the category that appeals to you and your family, you won’t be disappointed. Use our feedback form to share YOUR hummus recipes with us!

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